What A Success!

Posted on January 13, 2015 by | 6 views
I'd like to thank everyone for coming out to my Company IndieFilmIt's platform launch party for MyTalentNetwork! I'd also like to thank Barry Axelrod for Co-Hosting with me and his extraordinarily delicious cupcakes by Swirls Desserts and the great entrepreneur, Jackson Chong, for allowing us the use of his elegant club location, my family and my friends. I'd also like to thank Larry Levy, David Garber, and Benson Simmonds for helping me bring my vision to life! Furthermore, I'd like to thank our sponsors, The Holding Tent, DVERT, MGM and all - without your help this event wouldn't be possible! I would like to apologize to my friend, Lawrence H. Levy, for not being about to spend the time I want to with you to catch up on old times. I'll be free my next event buddy!

We had a great turn out from all ends of the entertainment industry! Some of our guests consisted of award winning writers, producers, directors, actors, and singers! We are not about name dropping here, we are about creativity, collaboration, film, and fun. But hey... I can tell you we had an A-list party!
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