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Many Filmmakers can understand how time consuming it is to spread out multiple tasks of a single project over many web sites and online platforms such as those for hiring a crew, financing capital (crowd funding or loans), casting the right talent, scouting locations and even film equipment rentals just to name a few. Finally, that time is over! A new Eco-system is here to help lift that burden and save time so that filmmakers can focus on what matters most, their creativity and love for film.

IndieFilmIt would like to introduce our new multi-platform Eco-system, MyTalentNetwork. With everything in one place to save time, energy, and overall capital. MyTalentNetwork is a place for creative collaboration to thrive! An online, "One Stop Shop", multi-platform established for the Independent Film Community to be a user friendly with features and services built for each stage of the filmmaker's process: Pre-production, Productions, and Post-production. But wait, why stop there?! Our multi-plaform also includes the final stage, distribution. MyTalentNetwork members can distribute their final feature/short film, documentary, and web series via MyTalentNetwork.TV in the form of Video-on-Demand, Live Streaming, and much more! We are always thriving towards a better Eco-system with version updates. Remember, Creative Collaboration Starts Here.

Current status: Pre-Launch (Launch Jan. 9th 2015 in Beverly Hills, California)

- Talent Pages With Unlimited Media Uploads!

* Upload your headshots, demo reel, and more!

- 300+ Search Criteria Talent Database and easily searchable on our landing page!

* Be seen by hundreds of Casting Directors, Producers, and industry professionals!

- No Fee Crowd Funding!

* Raise funding for your indie project and don't worry about having to lose a percent of your hard earned funds!

- No Fee Marketplace!

* Open up your own store and sell your indie films and products!

- Social Media Platform!

* Network with other talented individuals and collaborate together to create new indie films and web series!

- Resume Builder!

* Import your resume from LinkedIn or create it from scratch!

- Job Posting!

* Look for openings with entertainment companies and indie film crews!

- Casting Calls!

* Search our Casting Call database for exciting roles or post a call for your indie project!

- Online Acting Classes!

* Enroll in one of our online/offline courses taught by well establish Acting and Branding Coaches!

- Talent Management System!

* Manage your Talent and Crew from a simple interface that keeps your project or talent organized!

... and more!


Is MyTalentNetwork free to join?

Yes! Join free today!

Do you charge those service fees like all crowd funding and marketplaces?

No way! Unlike major crowd funding and marketplace website, MyTalentNetwork does NOT charge service fees for selling on our marketplace, collecting your hard earned crowd funds, or even for a single job and casting call posting! However, some services require you be a Unique Talent Member to use. Please refer to our membership page.

What the catch? What isn't free?

To have full access to our features and services you must be a Unique Talent Member for a small monthly fee. A portion of that membership fee goes back to our members in the form of our Creative Collaboration Fund. Think of it as a donation to help your fellow filmmakers and to keep MyTalentNetwork up and running.

MyTalentNetwork also currently charges for ad campaigns and sponsorship listings. Members can choose between two types of ad campaign functions: cost per mile (CPM) or pay per click (PPC).

Acting and Film instructors may chose to charge for their online courses and tutorials. Any such fees can be paid directly to the sole instructor through their profile using PayPal.

What makes MyTalentNetwork different?

MyTalentNetwork is an more than just a website, it is an online multi-platform Eco-system. It provides features and services in one locations from pre-production to the final stage of distribution. Not to mention, we have established MyTalentNetwork’s Creative Collaboration Fund. With this fund, MyTalentNetwork will deposit a generous portion of all Unique Talent Membership fees into the Creative Collaboration Fund. Each time the fund reaches $5,000, the money will be distributed to a Dream Project (crowd funding campaign)that is voted on by members of MyTalentNetwork. Those members will have taken part in bringing a Dream Project vision to life! Hence, the Eco-system.

Why is most all this free?

Founder, Joe Fossum-Perez, responded.

"I was in the same position that most starving artists find themselves in. I still am. There are many highly creative and talented individuals whose brightest ideas and talent skill never reach the light of day. I believe it to be because of one or all of these three elements: 1.) Motivation; 2.) Time; 3.) Financial ability

My vision is to help others in the entertainment industry achieve their dreams. It began when I formed UTMGMT followed by MyTalentNetwork. In my quest to achieve my vision, I have exhausted all my savings. Yup, that's right. I have a saying though, 'Nobody is a failure if they try. There are those who are brave enough to risk everything and there are those who will always wonder... what if I had tried?'

MyTalentNetwork is fast and easy to join, uniting creative individuals, collaborating together and all while giving each other the motivation and finical support needed to achieve their vision.

If MyTalentNetwork helps just one unique individual to become the next Martin Scorsese, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Leonardo DeCaprio, Macklemore, Charles Misodi Njapatha, or it helps create one film, one song, one new trend, one new everlasting image, than I have achieved my vision.

People always ask me why would I give my money away? I respond with, 'I don't have to be a millionaire, I just want my family and I to live comfortably and to live life to its full potential.'

I believe in giving back and helping those who, just like me, want to create something that will have a positive effect on society. The sound of music, the excitement of a movie, and the thrill of entertainment is a positive effect that is worth every penny. Music can change your mood if you are depressed. Movies can heighten your senses and open your imagination to view the world from different prospective. The world needs creative artists, talent, and industry professionals to produce things that entertain us.

That is why I created MyTalentNetwork – Creative Collaboration Starts Here."

How do I use the Talent Management System?

Only registered Industry Professionals, such as Talent Agencies, Agents, Managers and Acting Coaches may have access to utilize the features and services within. They will be able manage their artist and Talent as well as give unlimited access to their represented talent. Requirements: Licensed and proper membership association information must be emailed to support@mytalentnetwork.com

How do I use the Project Management System?

You will be offered access once you have reached your Dream Project (Campaign) fund goal. If you haven’t heard from us, please email joefossumperez@mytalentnetwork.com to set a sub domain with access for you.

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